2018 Program

Marina, St. BarthFrancois Chlous


Transforming Your Practice: From Solid Principles to State of The Art Applications.

A thriving Dental practice in today’s times relies on solid diagnostic skills and modalities, a well-orchestrated hygiene team, procedure driven technologies and outstanding communication skills. Over this 5 day period we will guide you through solid concepts and techniques that easily be applied into anyone’s practice. The goal will be a fun filled learning experience that will reward the attendee with outstanding immediate impact pearls.

Day 1

Caries and Diagnostics! Minimally Invasive Dentistry at its Finest!

We all know what Dental caries is or do we? We will stroll back to Dental school and dissect the true meaning of caries and how we can control this ever-present disease with minimally invasive techniques.

A discussion of the various chemo-therapeutics will lead to a fool proof technique for the treatment of white spots.

Minimally Invasive prep design and the associated materials to achieve this result will be reviewed including state of the art adhesives and composites.


Introduce the attendee to state of the art caries management.

Design a specific roadmap for caries diagnostics leading to minimally invasive treatment.

Discuss the benefits of smart materials and show how they can be integrated into day to day practice.

Present predictable tooth whitening techniques that can be immediately integrated into day to day practice.

Day 2

The Truths and Myths of Dental Lasers (Part 1)

Dental lasers are here to stay. During part one of this program we will discuss the science of Dental lasers and how that science impacts everyday practice. We will mention all the current wavelengths used in Dentistry but will focus primarily on how an inexpensive soft tissue laser can be utilized in many day to day procedures. The attendee will gain a good understanding of soft tissue lasers as many of the procedures will be demonstrated by video presentations. We will also discuss how soft tissue lasers affect the profitability and predictability of our hygiene procedures.


The attendee should gain an understanding of: 

Basic laser science and safety.

How to use diodes for tissue management in crown and bridge.

How to use diode lasers in implant Dentistry.

How to use diode lasers as an adjunct to soft tissue management.

Day 3

The Truths and Myths of Dental Lasers ( Part 2)

My friends called me crazy when I was of the first hard tissue laser users in the U.S.  Now 20 years later, we will review the transition of hard tissue lasers and how they have influenced new advancements in Dentistry.  We will demonstrate through video presentation how hard tissue lasers can improve what we do in almost every specialty of Dentistry and present pressing arguments how hard tissue lasers paved my practices’ destinies.


The attendee should gain an understanding of:

The science behind hard tissue lasers.

Laser assisted operative Dentistry.

Laser assisted Hard and soft tissue surgery.

How hard tissue lasers can assist in routine endodontics.

Adjunctive procedures with hard tissue lasers.

Day 4

Simplified Endodontic Concepts for the GP

I say Endo, Many doctors say UGH!.   I say simplified many say no way!

During today’s program, we will cover solid principles that simplify and streamline routine endodontics.

From diagnostics, to cleaning and shaping to irrigation and obturation, the goal is to get you a little excited about Endodontics so that you can feel comfortable including routine endodontic cases into day to day practice. A simple recipe for success will be presented that can easily be incorporated into anyone’s practice.


The attendee will gain an understanding of:

The role of CBCT in Endo diagnostics.

A predictable recipe for root canal success.

Why irrigation with multiple products is essential for maximum bacterial kill.

Day 5

SCANelicious: Understanding the Digital Workflow

Scanning and milling have become one of the hottest topics in Dentistry today.  During this program, we will review all the current scanners on the market, discuss their positive and negative attributes, and show how the digital workflow can be incorporated into any practice. We will focus not only on digital impressions and milling but show cutting edge concepts and how the digital revolution impacts our case planning from beginning to end  leading to a predictable outstanding result. This program will truly get you excited about the present and future of Dentistry!


Understand the types of scanners and mills available today for the Dental practice.

Understand how to use scanners for diagnostics and laboratory communication.

Review the ever-changing variety of materials available to us for our indirect restorations.

Understand state of the art cementation protocols for a variety of materials.


Our Speaker:

Saint Barth Dental 2018 speaker Ron Kaminer

Dr. Ron Kaminer

Dr. Ron Kaminer is a 1990 graduate from SUNY at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. He maintains two practices, one in Hewlett, NY and one in Oceanside, NY. Dr. Kaminer is an international expert in the field of Dental lasers and has lectured on lasers and minimally invasive dentistry both nationally and internationally.

He is the Director of the Masters of Laser training program in New York and is a clinical instructor with the International College of Laser Education. He evaluates new dental materials for the Catapult Group and sits on the advisory boards and is a clinical consultant for numerous dental manufacturers. He has authored numerous articles on dental lasers and minimally invasive dentistry is a frequent contributor to Mentor magazine and is an associate editor for Dental Product Shopper.

He is a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, International College of Facial Esthetics, and American Dental Association. He lives in Hewlett, NY with his wife and three children.

Our 15 hour CE program is accredited by the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry. Credits usually transfer to other states and countries.

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