The Art of Smile Design: Treatment Planning to Completion

Arthur Tomaro DDS

Smile Design is a Science and an Art. Success and Beauty is created in the clinical planning.

Dr. Tomaro will take you through the clinical steps necessary to create the beauty the patients are seeking.  Proper diagnosis and patient selection are the keys to success.

The following clinical procedures will be discussed: Evaluation of the Smile Corridor, Facial analysis, Occlusal evaluation, Communicating with the laboratory technician, after all they make us look good, diagnostic wax-up, preparation of the teeth, creating temporaries the patient wants to keep, the clinical steps to adhesion (why use the best materials available to us).

Objectives for dentist:

After completion of the course the attendees will understand the following: 

  1. The importance of communication with the laboratory technician in treatment planning.
  2. What are the six aspects of occlusion that must be managed for a successful planning and completion of smile design.
  3. What are the “Ten Rules of Smile Design?”
  4. Identify the Zenith and Height of gingivae on the six anterior teeth.
  5. Understanding the process of temporization.
  6. The process of shade selection.
  7. Placing the final restorations and understanding the principles of adhesion.


    Dr. Arthur (Tony) Tomaro, a graduate of The University of Michigan, School of Dentistry, where he also completed his Master’s of Science, and Bachelor of Science.  Prior to his relocation to Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Tomaro enjoyed 26 years of private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Tomaro is previous Director of Clinics at Las Vegas Institute for Advance Dental Studies. He maintains a private practice, University Dental Professionals, Chicago, Illinois. As a member of Catapult Education, Dr. Tomaro teaches hands on courses, as well as peer lectures to dentists nationally and internationally. His teaching focuses on techniques related to General Dentistry (Tooth Colored Fillings & Crowns), Full Mouth Reconstruction, Diagnosis, Business of Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, The Art of Smile Design, and Occlusal  Procedures that are used in daily patient care.

    Dr. Tony Tomaro is a published author and a consultant for dental laboratories and manufacturers, and a current contributing author to national dental publications and dental laboratory publications on several topics.  He is affiliated with the following prestigious organizations: ADA – American Dental Association, MDA – Michigan Dental Association, NDA – Nevada Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society. 

    His deep community involvement includes Medical/Dental Missions, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, mentoring young dentists, and volunteer dentist for patients in need.


    Hand, Heart, and Brain –
    The Triad for a Successful Periodontal and  Implant Therapy in an Interdisciplinary Team.

    Dr. Med. Dent. Önder Solakoglu, MCD, MSc

    Part 1

    Diagnosis, treatment planning and interdisciplinary therapy

    • Thorough diagnosis and individual risk assessment represents the basis of a successful periodontal and implant therapy.
    • Identification of co-factors for periodontal risk in an interdisciplinary team.
    • Therapy of periodontal and periimplant diseases
        • Infection control
        • Initial therapy of periodontal and periimplant diseases
        • Perio and systemic diseases
        • Perio – Endo – Interface
        • Perio – Restorative – Interface
        • Perio – Ortho – Interface

    Part 2 

    Periodontal and periimplant plastic surgery

    • Etiology and classification of mucogingival defects
    • Therapy of gingival recession defects
    • Connective tissue grafts
    • Free gingival grafts
    • Dermal matrix and enemal matrix derivates
    • Crown lengthening procedures
    • Pre-prosthetic crown lengthening
    • Esthetic crown lengthening
    • Diagnosis and treatment of gummysmile
    • Soft tissue management around teeth and implants
    • Significance of gingival biotype and zone of keratinized tissue

    Part 3

    Guided Bone and tissue regeneration procedures

    • Basics of bone augmentation and the choice of material and technique
      • Biology of bone grafting materials
      • Stem Cells
      • Periodontal and periimplant regeneration
        • Possibilities and limitations of periodontal regeneration
        • Possibilities and limitations of periimplant regeneration

    Step-by-step documentation of all surgical procedures using photo-and video documentation. 

    Course objectives:

    This course is designed for the General practitioner as well as for the dental specialist. Periodontal health represents the foundation for all other types of dental therapy including prosthetic rehabilitation, esthetic dentistry, orthodontics and implant therapy. Therefore, the identification for periodontal treatment needs with regard to the overall medical status of the individual patient (BRAIN) becomes an important factor in the interdisciplinary treatment approach. The delivery of the appropriate treatment with the necessary skills and passion (HAND & HEART) will lead to long-term success and predictable treatment outcomes as well as the maintanence of these results and should be the goal of interdisciplinary dental therapy.

    • Identifying periodontal risk
    • Identifying co-factors for periodontal risk
    • Learning different surgical techniques through step-by-step photo and video documentation.
    • Enhancing confidence in treatment planning skills for:
      • Crown-lengthening procedures
      • Periodontal plastic surgery
      • Implant therapy
    Onder Solakoglu

    Dr. Solakoglu is a specialist in Periodontics and Implantology, who practiced for 5 years in a periodontal practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2009 he moved back to Germany and started the FPI-Hamburg, a specialty practice limited to periodontics and implant dentistry in Hamburg, Germany. Dr. Solakoglu is the founder and Director of the Seattle Study Club-Hamburg, the Prophylaxis Study Club-Hamburg and the ITI Study Club-Hamburg. He is a Fellow of The International Team for Implantology, ITI; Diplomate of The American Board of Implantology, AAID; and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Dental Department of The University Hospital Hamburg.

    He studied dentistry at the University of Hamburg, received his Master of Clinical Dentistry in Periodontology from the University of London, and attended the International Program of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants at The University of North Carolina. He holds a Master of Science degree in Orthodontics as well.

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