Tooth Preserving Dentistry: Take it to the Next Level!

Including: Dental Photography:The Shutter to Great Dentistry

Richard A. Young, DDS

January 16-20, 2023

This course will review, in a real world “wet fingered” dentist’s way, some of the techniques, materials, and key research, and give an introduction of how to perform advanced adhesion dentistry simply in your office on a daily basis.  With the advanced adhesion techniques available today, supported by an overwhelming amount of published science, it is now possible to mimic the bond strength of the DEJ with certain techniques and materials. 

  • Learn about a posterior composite technique that will change dramatically the way you look at posterior composites from now on.  Learn how to create the “Super Composite”
  • Nature’s best restorative material, enamel and dentin.  Learn how to use it not loose it.
  • Learn the technique for IDS (Immediate Dentin Sealing), “the most important advancement in adhesion dentistry. “ 
  • Learn how to use nature’s best restorative in anterior traumatic cases.

Day 1: Dental Photography: The Shutter to Great Dentistry

In today’s world of visual communication attractive dental photographs, which are used to communicate with  patients, labs, and social media are imperative. This lecture will present a simplified yet artistic approach to dental photography and will help the participants select the correct photo systems, accessories, and software. Most importantly they will learn techniques to take portrait and intra-oral photos that are exciting because of their color, lighting, composition, and visual impact.

Course Learning Objectives:

1.Use 3 types of photographs to communicate effectively in dentistry

2. Choose the right equipment to create great dental photographs

3. Use photography to communicate with patients, lab, and social media.

Days 2-5

This course will review, in a real world “wet fingered” dentist’s way, some of the techniques, materials, and key research, behind 36 years of pushing the limits of advanced adhesive dentistry. It will help you take indirect posterior composites to the next level by combining “tried & trued” researched principles of adhesion with new cutting edge matrix designs (Bioclear) as well as new concepts in prep design for the simple to complex posterior composite. This is the merger of Biomimetic Dentistry and the Bioclear Matrix creating the 21st Century injection molded composite.

Day 2: “Modern Dentistry”: It’s all about adhesion, compression, and preservation!

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. History of Adhesion, as it applies today
  2. Key Research to support the principles taught
  3. Learn how preparations can effect structural dynamics of teeth
  4. Learn the technique for IDS (Immediate Dentin Sealing).  One of the most important advancements in adhesive dentistry

Day 3: The Marriage of Biomimetics and Bioclear: “The Super Composite”

  1. Combine IDS/resin coating with injection molded composites, it’s all about the matrix
  2. Learn about the “Bioclear” matrix system that will take your posterior composites to the next level.
  3. Learn how to use the Bioclear matrix system to safe severely broken down with direct composite

 Day 4: The “Super Composite” Anterior

  1. Learn how to use the Bioclear matrix to solve the dreaded black triangles (often caused by Invisilign orthodontic treatment in adults)
  2. Learn how to combine layered composite with monolithic Injection molded anterior composites
  3. Learn how to use the Bioclear matrix to save severally broken down anterior teeth

Day 5: Extreme Bonding and Indirect Restorations

  1. Understand how to use nature’s best restorative material in anterior traumatic cases.
  2. Learn how IDS (Immediate Dentin Sealing) is used for indirect restorations.
  3. Explore new supra gingival tooth preparations that are simple and predictable. 
  4. Understand how to bond all types of indirect restorations simply and successfully.

Richard A. Young, D.D.S. received his dental training at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1985.  He is an Assistant Professor of General Dentistry at LLUSD where he lectures for and co-directs the D4 esthetics program. Dr. Young was a very early adopter of advanced adhesion techniques in dentistry and has acquired a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience on minimally invasive dentistry. He has been using photography in his practice for 35 years.  He is known for his expertise in digital photography and has inspired countless colleagues to adopt digital photography in their practices. 

He lectures and gives hands-on workshops internationally on both advanced adhesive dentistry, Bioclear Matrix techniques, and digital photography. Dr. Young maintains a private practice with his wife focusing on esthetic dentistry.  He has many interests outside of dentistry and spends as much time as possible with his family enjoying activities centered around the outdoors.

Dr.  Young presents a unique perspective on tooth preserving dentistry. In 1986 Dr. Young and his wife, Dr. Julie-Ann Zerne, were looking for a seminar in Hawaii and found Fifth Quarter Seminars, started by Dr. Ray Bertolotti.  This seminar marked their introduction to the “Total-Etch” technique & adhesion dentistry and changed the way they practiced for the rest of their careers, as well as starting a friendship that exists to this day.  The “Total-Etch” technique was developed by Dr. Fusayama of Tokyo Medical & Dental University in 1978 and was presented by Dr. Bertolotti.  After that course, they started practicing adhesive dentistry and never looked back.  In 1989, at the ADA annual convention, they were among the few clinicians to personally hear Dr. Fusayama’s lecture.  Dr.  Young says, “I was very lucky in that early on I heard the right people, believed in what they were telling us, and trusted the teaching.  How was I to know at that time that the bonding techniques and technology that we started out with would end up being one of today’s gold standards(?)” 

Dr. Young is a member of the:

American Dental Association          

California Dental Association

Tri-County Dental Association        

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry

Orange County Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry