our story 

Twenty one years ago Dr. Ron Goldstein visited St. Barth. He knew David [Grodberg] from his work on the Council of Annual Session for the American Dental Association and that he was living on the island.

David invited him to visit an island dental office. Ron expected a small office with old equipment. Instead he walked into a state-of-the-art dental practice with wonderful equipment, CEREC, computer radiography, and Francois Chlous. Ron suggested that if David and Francois created a conference, he and David Garber would speak. And, so the St. Barth Dental association was founded.

We have had many excellent clinicians and great times together. Through the years we’ve made so many friends. Last year we had a third generation of a dental family.

From Harriet Grodberg’s welcome speech at the 20th Anniversary meeting, January 2014

Photo by David Zipkin, Tradewind Aviation