2019 Meeting:

“Billed as a dental meeting in paradise, I think it came very close with all my expectations. The speaker was excellent. Every day felt like we were on a journey together. [What new topics did you learn?] Diagnosis and treatment for TMJ disorders. [One speaker or more?] It depends on the subject, but I felt the one speaker for this topic was particularly appropriate.

Francois’s villa is beautiful with the garden entrance. The group was very welcoming. Loved the meatballs, Harriet. Sorry I missed the wine tasting at Santa Fe. We had lunch there on Friday and David made us feel welcome. Sorry I missed the Thursday night event. Do not eat at JoJo Burgers! [Eva note: we’re sorry Dr. Wasley got sick but I eat there all the time!]. I thought the driving from Marigot was difficult particularly at night, but it was much better after a few days. [Suggested topics of dentistry to be covered]: digital dentistry. Interpreting CBCT scans in treatment planning.

The meeting was amazing for all 2 generations. Hope our granddaughter Elsa remembers her 6th birthday there. There is so little opportunity in continuing dental education to meet with a small group for 5 days. Chance to interact on a smaller scale both socially and professionally.

Dr. Joel Wasley, Haverford, PA

The meeting was very well organized and the speaker was a leader in his field. Excellent presentation. The program definitely met my expectations. I learned new techniques including equilibrating using the Kois deprogrammer, and restoring class V lesions with Activa. All of the evening events were awesome! I can’t pinpoint a thing you can do to make future meetings better. Carol and I had a lot of fun! Thank you for a great week! 

Dr. Todd Whitlock, Bloomington, IN

2017 Meeting:

“I loved it. Lou Graham was awesome and appropriate for my practice. I learned new techniques that would be useful in my practice. The recession proof dentistry/practice management lecture as useful and I would like to see more of this type of content. The welcome party at Francois’ villa and Thursday night dinner at La Plage were awesome! La Plage was my favorite venue to date. [Suggested topics for the future]: The everyday restorative topics are perfect for me. Thanks Eva and Harriet! We had a great time and plan on seeing you in 2018.”

Dr. Todd Whitlock, Bloomington, IN

“Lou was excellent – bring him back! There is nothing I could pinpoint to make future meetings better. [Suggested topics for the future]: general dentistry. Eva and Harriet – great job!”

Charles Seitz, DDS, Watertown, MA

“The meeting was very good, lots of fun. Lou Graham was excellent. I learned new techniques that would be useful in my practice, and I would like to see more of the recession proof dentistry/practice manage content. The welcome party at Francois’s villa was nice; the Thursday night dinner at La Plage was very nice. The wine tasting was fair (Eva note: we know and it will never happen again!). My significant other and I had fun. [Suggested topics for the future]: Practice Management.”

Jan and Ellen Linhart, New York, NY

“Lou was awesome! I suggest name tags for all! At every event.” The welcome party and Thursday night dinner at La Plage were great – the wine tasting was a great social gathering but the wine was not.” (Eva note: ditto! please see above).

Norman Goldberg, DDS, Sudbury, MA

2016 Meeting:

“This course and trip is the high point of our year! Thank you so much for all the work! What a huge blessing to me and my family. I’m up for twice a year. Mike was the most practical speaker in 3 years; definitely not Ivory Tower…. Dr. Mike has a great course but not well planned. I suggest less history, less philosophy, 3X more cases!

The facility is perfect. Could we get a parking pass? [About the events]: The wine tasting was the best of the past 3 years – more food. Dinner at Do Brazil was also the best in 3 years, but we missed the dancing. [Suggested topics for the future]: 1 day of Endo, 1 day of top practice management, 1 day Invisalign, 1 day of website-branding and we could come and go as we please. You are doing a great job! Don’t quit! Round table discussion format of equal sharing. Great ideas & pearls are shared? Totally happy and satisfied. Twice a year would be perfect.”

Dr. Mike Hinkle, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Interesting meeting. [Michael Moscovitch] was good, experienced, interesting cases. The program met my expectations; I already use the same Astra system. [About the events]: perfect, meeting colleagues. Good dinner and wine at Do Brazil. [Comments, suggestions or questions]: Failure, ex implant, myosit, etc.”

Dr. Mats Everbring, Solvesborg, Sweden

“Excellent! Excellent! [About the events]: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. [Suggested topics for the future]: Restorative, Endo, Invisalign. We had fun! Thank you for hosting this wonderful event!”

Todd Whitlock, DDS, Bloomington, Indiana

“Excellent… Excellent… I absolutely learned new techniques that will be useful in my practice. [About the events]: Excellent! Excellent. [Suggestions for improvement]: Nothing.”

Dr. Tord Cehlin, Kristianstad, Sweden

“Fantastic meeting! Michael Moscovitch offered very realistic, practical driven dentistry. The program fully met my expectations and I learned useful, new techniques. Events were an A+. Thank you!”

Dr. Max Rosenkranz, Dormagen, Germany

The meeting went very well. I suggested Michael Moscovitch because the subjects he covered were timely. I definitely learned new, useful techniques. The party at Francois’ home was great for introductions; almost all the attendees were at the dinner at Do Brazil. Really enjoyed the musical performance. It’s a great venue and all inclusive. Harriet, Francois and Eva did a great job, especially Eva. Good job! But, suggest one 20 minute break so the meeting ends on time at 11:30am. [Suggested topics of dentistry]: the future of dentistry – digital.

Michael Grzelak, Spring Lake, New Jersey

It was my first meeting and it was great! Michael Moscovitch was very good. The program met my expectations and I learned new techniques that would be useful in my practice. [Suggested topics] Any aspect of dentistry that can be of interest for 15 hours. Mary Lou and I had fun! Keep the French pastries at the meeting! We’ll be back.

Charlie and Mary Lou Seitz, Watertown, Massachussetts

Great meeting. After coming for several years, it is great to see old and new faces. The meeting is well run, organized, and as always the speaker was informative. But, he probably should have prepared better for the subject matter to be spread out over several days. If I get one pearl from the five day seminar, it was well worth it. [About the events]: Francois is a great host as well as Eva and Harriet. Mary Jo and I love Harriet’s hors d’oeuvres. Better wines this year at the wine tasting – nice job! Thursday night at Do Brazil was a fun way to end the event! We are looking forward to next year and already booked our villa. [Suggested area of dentistry for future meetings]: Perio/restorative seminar. Complete treatment planning. [Did you have fun?]: how can you not have fun & relax on St. Barth?! [Additional comments]: setting up and organizing this seminar is a lot of work & planning – all did a great job!

Len Attisano, DMD, Manchester, NH

2015 Meeting:

“This was our fourth year at the meeting on St. Barth. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a beautiful Caribbean island for a week, and meet some of the most renowned dental lecturers on the circuit, as well as dentists from the US, France and Germany.

Dr. Nathanson is well known for his knowledge in dental materials. His care selection, treatment planning and reasoning for using the materials for most cases was a good learning experience. He was very approachable for questions. The St. Barth meeting is a fun place to learn. I learned a few new techniques plus reinforced the ones I employ now. There is an echo in the meeting room and sometimes it was hard to hear. Thank you Harriet and Eva for supplying coffee and danish every morning.

It’s always a pleasure to visit Francois’ home. He is a gracious host and it’s a great place to see old faces and meet new ones. The wine tasting is always fun and I leave with a new knowledge of some great French wines. [Suggestions for improvement]: an excursion like snorkeling, or a cooking class with a restaurant chef. A shopping tour for the spouses? [Suggested topics of dentistry]: all are great if the speaker is interesting!

How can you not have fun on a beautiful island, meeting dentists from all over, get close to some of the best lecturers in the country, and relax at the same time? Next year can’t come soon enough! We already reserved our villa for next year! Mary Jo echoes my comments!”

Len Attisano, DMD

“Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. Excellent speaker. The accent was a problem occasionally. The program met my expectations and I learned useful, new techniques. [About the events]: Welcome party at Francois’ home was great, the wine tasting at Santa Fe was perfect and the Thursday night dinner at Do Brazil was great fun. Keep all the nice folks returning. [Suggested topics of dentistry you would want covered in the future]: the great photography makes the course very interesting. We had fun. All the work is truly appreciated in pulling this meeting together each year. Thanks!”

Dr. Mike Hinkle, Tulsa

“Great meeting, Dan Nathanson is a nice guy. Good feedback from attendees. [About the events]: The welcome party at Francois’ was great, especially the food. Santa Fe was OK wine, great food. I’d like to see a new venue for the Thursday night dinner. To make future meetings better I would suggest a reduced registration fee for retired dentists; name tags for the Welcome reception; and attendee list available earlier – at Francois’? [Comments, suggestions or questions]: Tamarin would be great for the wine tasting. Provence might be nice. You will see us in 2016 for sure!”

Norman Goldberg, Sudbury, MA